Oxygen is feed for all lungs

  • Oxygen is vital.
  • Oxygen has designed our lungs.
  • Oxygen is the fuel for our muscles.
  • Oxygen is the energy for our brain.
  • Oxygen is power for mental strength.

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Is oxygen in our polluted outdoor air of the same quality as earlier? Chemical yes. Physical no.

Closed to earth surface (A-layer) oxygen ions have always oxidated gases from natural putrefaction.

The mix of oxygen and oxygen ions in the atmosphare has always been filled up from the ozon layer when temp./ pressure and physical movement split the molecule.

Ekoion´s new invention (oxygen ions without ozon) (pat.) to fill up indoor air with oxygen ions to the same mix as previous outdoor air is under tests in hospital – school- elderly peoples care- and office by medical qualified staff.

Technical information

To design a oxygen ion producing device without ozon is now done and patented (2016).

To be able to give air a correct mix of oxygen molecules and oxygenions for all aerobic creatures to have enough oxygen feed, two crusial events opened up for knowledge.

The understanding of electric charged molecules in different layers of our atmosphere.

And second the work of Einstein, Solovine and Habicht in the beginning of 1900. Habicht developed later the technic of corona charged air and it ended up with a commercial product. The problem was heavy ozon production together with oxygen ions. John (jr) Habicht and I met 1985 and we made new transformers, new electron tubes to produce maximum oxygen ions and minimum ozon. Today we know the atmosphere´s way from ozon to oxygen ions is no longer necessary

Last year the physical changes to get only oxygen ions were fullfilled and we have a devise for all air supplied spaces.

All airflow systems can be designed and equipped with correct capacity of oxygen ions to give people air quality for health and energy.

Indoor air with a correct mix of oxygen and oxygen ions.

Low Energy Consumtion and Clean Air Handling System.

We support you with complete design for your subject when using OXIS. Recirkulation of high quality indoor air gives you top degree of efficiency. Very low 2,5 pm , bacterias and virus in indoor spaces.

Industrial Air Pollutions

Our technik will finish odour problems from sewage plants and pumping stations, waste collecting plants, biosludge producer, breweries, TVOC outlets from aircraft inustries.


EKOion® OXIS (Oxygen ion supply)


All luft i ventilationskanalen som passerar OXIS får automatiskt rätt innehåll av oxygenjoner för människor i skolor, kontor, sjukhus mm. Tilluften minskar luftburna partiklar, bakterier och virus samt begränsar naturliga lukter till sin källa. Mer Energi, bättre hälsa och ett friskare liv vid högre syresättning. Ozon finns ej vid detta elektronrör för framställning av oxygenjoner. Patentskyddat 2016, ozonmätning av SP 2017.

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EKOion® modell 1-D-V

EKOion modell 1-D-V är ett joniseringsaggregat med fläkt och filter avsett för soprum, kylrum och förvaringsplatser för produkter som kräver mycket rena rum med avseende på bakterier/partiklar och organiska gaser.

  • All lukt begränsas till sin källa
  • Ingen bakteriespridning i luften
  • Väggar, golv och tak slutar lukta illa
  • Ingen luktspridning ur soprummet
  • En arbetsplats med god hygien>
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EKOion® Elektronrör
EKOion® elektronrör är marknadens mest prisvärda och passar i alla joniseringsaggregat med M5 gänga i sockeln eller med mutterlåsning. Elektronrör finns i längderna 25 cm D-rör, 35 cm E-rör och 52 cm F-rör. Visa produktblad
EKOion® modell M01
EKOion modell M01 är ett joniseringsaggregat som är avsett för inbyggnad i olika tilluftsaggregat eller tilluftskanaler där luftförbättring önskas. Joniserad luft påverkar:

  • Lukt
  • Partiklar
  • Bakterier
  • Statisk elektricitet
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EKOion® Joniseringsutrustning

EKOion® Joniseringsutrustning modell 5-E och 5-F

Modell 5 består av 5 st. elektronrör typ E alternativt typ F. Dessa alstrar elektroner för syremolekylens elektronskal och det bildas syrejoner.

Avsedd för ventilationssystem inom industri, sjukhus, skolor, kontor reningsverk mm.

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Ekoion AB - Information

The company

Ekoion AB is situated in Skara, Sweden, PO Box 350 SE-532 24 Skara. Tecnical progress, scale models, full size tests, design and educationlittera for new customers and technical advisors are produced here. Design to meet indoor air problem in subjects like hospitals, schools, halls for classified waste and sewage plants. Correct amount of Oxygen ions in air flow per m2, per m3 depending of contamination (particle sizes and bacterias, virus), odour (chemical oxidation) and reduction of pollution in experiensed treatment.

Ekoion AB recommend national norms of indoor airflow , recirkulation of high quality indoor air, saving energy particle filter and a supply air system that will deliver qualityair for staff to stay healthy and well.


All Ekoion products are manufactured and assembled by contractors in Sweden. They deliver major orders to wellknown customers to be installated according given design.

The new electrone tube and unique transformer make it possible to distribute supply air containing oxygen molecules and oxygen ions of correct balance to people´s lungs giving health and wellness.

Ekoion AB Box 350, 532 24 Skara   Email: info@ekoion.se

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